Jan Larsen

Eclipse artwork by Jan Larsen

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The Eclipse Collection

Discover the enchanting allure of the Great Solar Eclipse through the artistic lens of Jan Larsen, a local abstract artist. Jan draws her inspiration from the vibrant life around her, including the serene beauty of the Frio Canyon, events that stir the soul, insightful quotes, profound wisdom found in books and meaningful friendships. Each painting is unique and her work is characterized by a rich tapestry of textures, each telling its own story and a signature sparkle that mirrors her optimistic outlook on life.

In her "Eclipse Collection", she turns her gaze to the sky, specifically the mesmerizing phenomenon of the total solar eclipse. We will witness the rare and breathtaking moment of

"the diamond" - that instant during totality when the sun, moon and earth align to reveal a sparkling jewel against the cosmic canvas. This phenomenon, where the sunlight narrows to a brilliant point, creating the illusion of a diamond ring suspended in the heavens, is noted in each one of her eclipse paintings.

Own a piece of the "Awe of our Universe", to hold a piece of the celestial dance that is the Great Solar Eclipse in the Frio Canyon! Let her work inspire you, as the eclipse inspired her, to see the sparkle every day in the extraordinary life we live!

Jan Larsen janlarsen@icloud.com

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