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Hayden B Twist Double Hoop

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Color: Silver

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Twist Earrings-14k Gold Filled

Designed to look like two piercings, but you only need one! Slide these little cuties on your ear and twist until your single turns into a double hoop.

Small Twists 6mm- Good for second or third holes, cartilage piercings, or those with small, thin lobes.

Medium Twists 8mm- We recommend this size for those who have only one lobe piercing (but want it to look like they have two!)

Please use these instructions (scroll to the bottom of the page) to learn how to put in your twists!

* Please note there is only a 2mm difference between the small and medium twists. The size difference is very small, and you may find that both or either can fit each hole! 

We use the highest quality metals (14k gold-filled, vermeil, sterling silver), so with proper care, your new jewelry won't tarnish, peel or turn colors.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your pieces looking brand new:

Earrings (14k solid gold and gold filled hoops):

These pieces will not tarnish, but like always, removing them before exposing to water is always good practice.